I'm a 23 year old, Chinese American photographer born and raised in New York. My photographs permeate my view of a gentle, warm and obligatorily culturally conscious New York. 

I didn’t grow up around art. I was attending business school when photography found me - selling photographs in Times Square for a startup; handling a camera I didn't know how to use for +30 hours a week.

Ultimately I attracted the right friends who gave me a glimpse into the music industry; tour, events, shows, travel and everything incorporated with photographing musicians. 

I decided to take time off school and play catch up on art for a couple of years. Endless hours at book stores, galleries, and shows led to my inspirations and aspirations as a young photographer. 

My work is fixated on lighting and sensitive moments, whether it be fashion, portraiture, or documentary. 

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TEL: 516.474.8032